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About Us

Deux Pâtes is a family-owned 100% Gluten Free Bakery. 

We use traditional methods and thoughtfully sourced ingredients, in a dedicated kitchen.

Our products are authentic, simple, and Gluten Free!

Inspired by traditional French recipes

We use family recipes. Starting with the staple, the baguette. We focus on method in order to achieve the highest standards of taste and texture to give you the rich experience of these classic French breads.


Simple ingredients

We are mindful about keeping our ingredient lists simple. Although making our bakes 100% gluten free requires that we adapt our traditional recipes, we've dedicated our time to test and research our ingredients to get amazing results without too many additions. You read the ingredient lists, you understand what you are eating.

Gluten Free

We make sure that no gluten ingredients or product get into our kitchen. Our house and facility is completely free of gluten to ensure there is no physical cross contamination possible. You can always feel safe when eating our product.

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